Only A Lot

It’s a brand new thing and it’s a very old thing: a print magazine in your mailbox.

Matte, photography-rich pages, with a little art and poetry and a lot of thoughts about life. Something to hold while you sip your chai, or roll up and carry in your backpack for awhile, or stuff into the mailbox of a friend.

Our first edition launched last fall. When my sister and I spit-balled the ideas and the rough-drafts, we didn’t really expect it to turn into this: a mini-collection of personal journeys and lessons learned and hopes for tomorrow. The current volume was released in June of this year, an exploration of building up and tearing down. It is still in print as we collect and assemble the third volume on the theme of doing life together, due out in December. Where do we go from here? Come with us and find out.

This is physical read, so we won’t be posting it on the webs or making it available to devices. Nope. It’s meant to be read slowly, in your hands, to draw you in long enough to avoid a few texts and hear a few birds. Enjoy, friends. — Rachel

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